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Matthew Ulmer

Sophomore Novel - Angel of Life

Angel of a Plot Summary

A completely normal marketing executive almost died when he was two days old, but was saved via a strange series of coincidences. Exactly thirty years later he dies in a freak car crash by plowing head on into a vehicle driven by, coincidentally, a man who is the same age, works the same job, and has the exact same name as the marketing executive. The coincidences don't stop there.

The marketing executive is sent to Hell, where he is tortured by a number of grotesque demons in truly horrific settings. It is during this dreadful time in his life (or post-life) that he discovers a way to escape from Hell and return his soul to his body, which, due to another coincidence, was resting in a morgue instead of buried in the ground. Because of this coincidence, the body is still functional, albeit in a much weakened state.

The marketing executive soon learns his body's systems are shutting down and will stop functioning completely in no more than two weeks. If that happens, his soul will be trapped in Hell forever. He doesn't believe he did anything to warrant eternal damnation, however, so he must find out why he went to Hell, and how to save himself from his fate, before his body dies. In the process, he will uncover a murder mystery and discover a horrible truth about himself that has been buried within the deepest reaches of his mind.

Meanwhile, a former priest and friend of the marketing executive has committed suicide by wrapping his lips around a revolver. The only problem is there are two bullets in the back of his head, which would seemingly be impossible. Plus, this man's death, as well as the fate of the marketing executive, may be intimately linked to a family in southern New Jersey who is being stalked by a mysterious intruder.

Add to all this the fact that both angels and demons are searching for the marketing executive in order to make sure he stays in Hell, and a possible plot to destroy the world, and you have a taut suspense thriller with heart-pounding action and intense drama, plus quite a few twists and startling revelations.

Let's just say not everything is how it appears. And angels are no angels when they're pissed off.

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