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Matthew Ulmer

Debut Novel - Murder, Revenge, Betrayal - A Comedy

Murder, Revenge, Betrayal - A Plot Summary

The intricately elaborate and deliciously devious story of Murder, Revenge, Betrayal - A Comedy takes place over one night in New York. A child discovers a dead body in a park, setting the eventful evening in motion. A sexually confused homicide detective and his sultry female partner search for clues, chase false leads, encounter love interests, and experience some intense gunplay in their search for the killer, who continues to leave a trail of dead bodies. While there is plenty of action, the interest is more on the characters. This one night changes the three main characters, and wacky collection of side characters, in ways they never expected. Plus, a gay homicide detective is in love with a straight witness. The witness is in love with the gay detective's straight female partner. And the partner is in love with the gay detective.

The events are structured in an intentionally stereotypical detective story way, but all play out in an interesting and unique fashion. The black humor can be likened to Joseph Heller's Catch-22 and the light humor to Douglas Adam's The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, while the story can be compared to a Mickey Spillane mystery, but none of those tales had gay detectives, multi-sexual love triangles, a serial killer with an odd fetish, to put it nicely, and the beaten and bruised ghost of a saint.

As the plot evolves, the events become more engrossing, the themes become more mature, the characters become more involving, the dialogue gets sharper and quicker, the suspense gets thicker and more intense, and the emotion becomes more powerful. By the time the conclusion hits, the reader has hopefully laughed out loud, shed some tears, been surprised by unnerving twists and turns, and become thoroughly engrossed in these character's lives.

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