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Matthew Ulmer

Second Novel - Angel of Life

Reviews & Testimonials

Barbara Swanson, Book Reviewer, Newsweak:

Matt Ulmer continues to prove he can write, but his sophomore attempt is smarter and better defined.  Brandishing his now trademark wit and sense of humor, the novel is packed with laugh-out-loud moments, but while his first novel was a comedy with some serious moments, this new book is a serious story with some funny moments.  It is nail-bitingly suspenseful and actually had me sleeping with the light on a few nights.

Ryan Breckett, Columnist, Published Magazine:

Angel of Life is leaps and bounds better than Matt Ulmer’s first novel.  It is deeply imaginative with vivid, detailed descriptions of Hell as well as some truly fierce creatures.  Plus, his take on angels, demons, and religion is fascinating.

Mariah Richards, Creator, BooksBooksBooks.com:

While many people when discussing Matt Ulmer’s latest book will most likely focus on his unique descriptions of angels and demons, I was more interested in the complex characters that ended up being not at all what I expected.  Ulmer achieves the rare blend of exciting action with believable and interesting characters that I found irresistible. 

Kim Gradel, Content Writer, OverBlownPraise.org:

Matt Ulmer lets his imagination run wild and, in the process, creates some of the most memorable creatures in recent fiction.  Truly scary and magnificent, Ulmer’s interpretation of Hell is fresh and exciting.  I couldn’t wait to turn the page and see what interesting scenario he came up with next.

Pee Wee Herman, Former TV Personality:

This book scared my pants off.

Bob Sunkist, Editor, The Chronicle of Lower Education:

Stephen King beware, a new writer has emerged on the scene with your innate ability to keep our eyes glued to the page with unnerving suspense and downright terror.  I loved to be afraid of this book. 

Michael Pay, Film Director:

Matt Ulmer’s second novel brings so much excitement and suspense to each page I had to take periodic breaks between the chapters. It is relentless action at its finest.

Father Richard Cunningsworth, The Christian Chronicle:

Offensive does not begin to describe this blasphemous piece of garbage.

Paul Flemo, Australian Legend, Sydney, Australia:

Crikey!  This book is bloody rubbish. I wouldn't wipe a dingo's arse with the pages because it would cause a serious bum rash. Whoever this Ulmer bloke is, I reckon he screams like a girl and wouldn't last two seconds a barney with me mates. And yet, I liked it.

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