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Matthew Ulmer

Debut Novel - Murder, Revenge, Betrayal - A Comedy.

Reviews & Testimonials

Lynne Texter, Chair of the Communication Department, La Salle University. Philadelphia, PA.

When Matt first asked me to review his book, Murder, Revenge, Betrayal – A Comedy, I wasn’t sure I could lie well enough to pull it off, but as soon as the check cleared I realized Ulmer has written one of the best comedic novels in years.  I honestly couldn’t stop laughing from the moment I flipped the cover open, and it had nothing to do with the laughing gas that sprayed from the inside of the binding.

Bruce Jennings, Book Reviewer, The Imaginary Times:

Matt Ulmer brings a unique new voice to the literary world.  His fresh story ideas and clever phrasing help create a vivid world with lively, eccentric characters and crackling, hilarious dialogue.  The words jump off the page to bring you some of the most fun you’ll have reading a book all year.  Truly sensational.

Thomas Wheatly, Scribe Reviewer, Ye Olde York Times:

In a dark age such as this, it is most rewarding to discover a young lad penning a scripture not of slavery or tea, but of good olde fashioned murder and betrayal. I say "tally ho," young Ulmer. "Tally ho."

The Entertainment Yearly Must List:

Matt Ulmer’s first novel is a stunning rookie attempt.  With countless pop culture references and brilliant homages to classic films and literature, Murder, Revenge, Betrayal – A Comedy accomplishes the extraordinary.  It simultaneously appeals to teenage kids and stuck up literary types.  It is a comedy, it is a drama, it is a detective story, and it is a satire.

Joan Ulmer, Director of Development, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Camden, NJ:

Matt is my son and I will always love him no matter what.

Kristina Amodei, 8th Grade English Teacher, Langhorne, PA

I never would have expected a silly comedy to have such an emotional core.  The ending is actually quite powerful.

Stacy Pagnano, Graphic Designer, Chester, PA

I laughed until it hurt. And then I cried because it hurt. So I guess you could say I laughed until I cried.

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