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Matthew Ulmer

Writing Samples

Matthew Ulmer's first job out of college was at a multi-million dollar company called Educational Directories Unlimited, Inc.

Even though he had less experience than some other applicatants, his writing ability led the owners of the company to choose him to run their public relations department, and he has since been promoted and is now in charge of all writing for the entire company.

Matthew has written and designed a number of brochures, newsletters, ads articles, and press releases about the company and its products.

His stories have been printed in many local, national, and international newspapers and magazines including The Chronicle of Higher Education, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Kiplinger's, United Press International, MSNBC.com, CNN.com, and Next Step Magazine.

An example of one of his published articles, The Age of Blogging in Education, can be found in the Fall 2005 issue of Perspectives, a graduate school publication with a circulation of over 300,000. He also had two articles, A Guide to American Etiquette and Applying to Graduate School, in the inaugural U.S. issue of a popular British magazine called Global Studies.

Starting with November 9, a sample of his press releases can be found at 2004 and 2005 Press.

He also wrote all the content for the StudyAbroad.com Newsletters as well as BlogAbroad.com, BlogAbroad.com Bonus Material, and the BlogAbroad.com Express, a bi-weekly online newsletter featuring blogging and international education news.

In addition, he is the author of Digitalk, a column in a weekly online newsletter about technology and education called EDUInsight.

Plus, he wrote a number of poems while in middle school and high school, and he has a featured blog chronicling his attempts to become a published author.


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