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Matthew Ulmer

Matthew's Whirlwind Adventures


When I was in middle school I traveled all around Italy. Many of the locations became inspiration for moments from my first novel. One of the most dramatic moments in the story is based on a location that was one of the most profound impacts on my life - Assisi. I wrote a poem about Assisi that was published in a newspaper for high school students called 21st Century. This is its original, unedited form:

Memoirs of an Italian City

Assisi is a place unlike any other on Earth or the deepest reaches of the human mind.

I can still see the place vividly, five years later, like a master's painting.

The narrow, steep cobblestone streets that run through the village and give out an aura of incomprehensible age.

And the ancient little cottages where the people dwell.

The beauty is astounding, yet pales in comparison to the church.

The church, no, the cathedral that stands proud for Saint Francis, watching over the Village's inhabitants as if it were their mother.

The stunning frescoes that fill the walls,

Sharing sacred secrets of the saint's life.

The sculptures which must have been brought down from the heavens, couldn't have been constructed by man's bare hands.

The small stone building where the faithful come to pray.

The rose garden that was the site of a miracle.

And the monk dressed in simple brown cloth who appeared out of nowhere (a white dove resting peacefully in his hands), brightening people's days with a gentle smile, pledged eternally in silence.

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Last year I traveled to Paris, France as part vacation and part research for my third book. While working on a website at my company called BlogAbroad.com, I created a section where employees could discuss their trips abroad. For this section I chronicled my adventure in France via pictures and placed silly captions under each one. You can view them all by clicking on the Eiffel Tower below.

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