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Matthew Ulmer

Matt Ulmer is the Writing Manager for a higher education company called Educational Directories Unlimited. At 23-years-old, he is the youngest employee at the company, but was been given the responsibility of heading up the public relations department, and has since been put in charge of all writing for the multi-million dollar organization.

He graduated Magna Cum Laude from La Salle University with a major in Communication and a minor in English. While in school he wrote a number of movie scripts and was script supervisor for a project that won Best Picture at a La Salle film festival. He has written fiction all his life, but since graduating in May he began work on his first novel, Murder, Revenge, Betrayal - A Comedy. After completing that novel, he quickly began work on his second, Angel of Life, and is now putting together his third, The Fall of Paris.

Matt Ulmer is a former hockey player who has an obsession with movies and a great affection for literature. Unfortunately, he has no formal training in Web design, so he would like to thank Paul Fleming and Fleming Studios for the design of this site.


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